Friday, 6 February 2015

It's A BTEC Half Term Challenge!


Hello Year One BTECers!

As part of your Unit 2 experimentations I am setting you a little challenge as part of your Half Term Holiday Homework!

Simply using scraps of paper, a needle and some strong thread I would like you to create five small sculptural pieces.

When you have made them, place them on a piece of white paper and photograph them from unusual angles.

Try and photograph them in natural daylight if possible.

For these photographs I have used my iPhone and a filter.

I have also boosted the contrast a little.

I would like you to use the colour laser printer to print them A5 size please.

Have fun!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Fine Art AS/BTEC Waters Edge Exhibition


Crikey! We have not blogged for a while, hopefully we can get back into it again. I think Instagram has taken over, as its the easiest option. I will try and be more productive - New Year - New Goals!! Having said that, if you are not yet following the Creative Arts Dept on instagram and you want to, here is the link;   jlc_art
Okay, back to the Exhibition. Scunthorpe Museum were kind enough to invite us back to exhibit the very popular Waters Edge/Barton Exhibition of the 1st years work again. Fortunately for us, the BTEC 2nd years, as part of one of their units, have to curate an Exhibition. Here they are hard at work!


If you look back on the blog, you'll see how difficult it is to set up the wires needed to put up the work. Alex is discovering this on his first attempt. If I remember correctly, he gave up and left the hanging part to the others!
The display cabinet looking very dapper........

I'm always amazed by the sheer volume of work. Sorting it out took a lot longer than we anticipated. It was a bit like a magic portfolio.....the work just kept coming out!!

Job done! And a good job at that. Well done to all the Btec 2nd years. You have curated a brilliant and very professional exhibition. And no-one fell out!
If you would like to see your work displayed in a gallery environment, then the exhibition will be running at Scunthorpe Museum from Monday 12th January - Saturday 21st February 2015. Don't forget to tell family/friends/neighbours etc!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

 JLC Creative Arts Department is now on INSTAGRAM....
.....find us by searching jlc_art or #johnleggottcollege

We have only just got it up and running so if you can think of something you would like to see on Instagram then please let us know. Debs has already come up with an idea of a  piece of work which we will feature as 'work of the week' (or maybe not if you think its just blah!) so ideas are very welcome please.

Here's a taster of what is on at the moment;


Friday, 17 October 2014

An Inspirational Day! (Part One)


Last week we were very lucky indeed and Sam, Martin and myself visited the beautiful Welbeck Estate and Harley Gallery with the BTEC Fine Art students for a Professional Practice Day.

There was so much for the students ( and very giddy staff!) to see, including the Open Studios, wonderful exhibitions at the Harley Gallery (I'll tell you about those in the next thrilling installment,) and inspirational talks.

But our first port of call had to be the wonderful Hope and Elvis studio of Louise Presley.

I did feel a tad nervous, I knew the Fine Art students would do us proud (and they did) but I hoped they would love it as much as we did.

It is such a special place and I wanted them to feel the magic.

As the students were hard at work gathering knowledge and wisdom from Louise, I enjoyed the atmosphere.

I could happily live in this studio space.

This place is proof that you can live a creative life and forge your own way in the creative world...

If you work very, very hard!

I was so proud of the BTEC- ers

And Louise was so generous with her advice and experience.

Thank you chuck!

How can you not be inspired!


Megan also gathered invaluable information for her A- Level coursework and Louise really loved her work.

It was a cold day I can tell you!


Louise even shared her journals with us.

Louise's shop was open too!


Sunday, 6 July 2014

Alice Fox Workshop At Hope And Elvis!

I will apologise in advance for the copious amounts of photographs in this post.

We had such a fabulous time and there was so much to see, so I hope you understand.

Alice Fox is an amazing textile artist who responds to her environment by allowing nature to 'dye' and mark the fabric and paper that she works on.

Sam, Debs and myself have loved her work for quite a while now and so jumped at the chance to attend her workshop at Hope and Elvis.

As we were so giddy, we arrived a bit too early and had an explore around The Harley Gallery and Estate.

Sam, Instagramming in the rain!

Debs, primed and ready for action!

Sam and Jenny raiding the shop!

Alice, sharing techniques and rusting recipes.

Look at those beautiful samples!


Alice's recipes.


It was like alchemy!

Making our first samples...

Alice's collection of rusty treasures.

Unwrapping Alice's pre- prepared cloths.

It was like Christmas!

The air filled with 'ooos' and 'aaahs' as we unwrapped the beautiful parcels of rusted fabric.

We were so inspired nothing was safe!

Look, even the chair became wrapped!

Mr Gnome was very relieved that he wasn't made of metal!

After all that unwrapping and excitement it was time for dinner!
We enjoyed a very civilised tiffin, thank you Louise and Miss Debs.
This piece was made during Alice's residency at Spurn Point and was displayed in the light house.
Now this may seem strange, but I think the bathroom at Hope and Elvis is one of the most beautiful in all the land.
Louise laughs at me for always photographing it, but I can't resist!

After sharing out the unwrapped pieces we began stitching and composing our own little pieces.

Debs' delicate stitchings:

(T'other) Deb's lovely piece:

Jenny's beautiful stitchings.

Nothing was safe from Jenny now!

Sam's rust-tastic sampler.

(T'other) Sam's multi layered piece.

I hope you liked your little 'thank you' sweet peas (the only thing that seems to have flourished in my garden this year!)

And if you've made it to the end of this monster post then well done and brew your self a cup of tea.

You've earned it!