Friday, 17 October 2014

An Inspirational Day! (Part One)


Last week we were very lucky indeed and Sam, Martin and myself visited the beautiful Welbeck Estate and Harley Gallery with the BTEC Fine Art students for a Professional Practice Day.

There was so much for the students ( and very giddy staff!) to see, including the Open Studios, wonderful exhibitions at the Harley Gallery (I'll tell you about those in the next thrilling installment,) and inspirational talks.

But our first port of call had to be the wonderful Hope and Elvis studio of Louise Presley.

I did feel a tad nervous, I knew the Fine Art students would do us proud (and they did) but I hoped they would love it as much as we did.

It is such a special place and I wanted them to feel the magic.

As the students were hard at work gathering knowledge and wisdom from Louise, I enjoyed the atmosphere.

I could happily live in this studio space.

This place is proof that you can live a creative life and forge your own way in the creative world...

If you work very, very hard!

I was so proud of the BTEC- ers

And Louise was so generous with her advice and experience.

Thank you chuck!

How can you not be inspired!


Megan also gathered invaluable information for her A- Level coursework and Louise really loved her work.

It was a cold day I can tell you!


Louise even shared her journals with us.

Louise's shop was open too!


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