Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Reading Rocks! I got this book from the library and it was...

Surprisingly good! Without sounding pretentious I don't normally go for 'bestsellers' but I wanted a varied selection of books to see my through the easter holidays and I wasn't disappointed. The book was gripping, I always read 'just one more chapter' and was surprised and entertained with every twist and turn. I won't give anything away but basically a woman goes missing in suspicious circumstances, fingers are pointed left right and centre but no one seems to know whats happened or who is telling the truth.
The book has been made into a film with Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike and is just about to be released but there is a twist in the film too so I urge you to read it first. 
Hannah Riveting Read Rating 7/10 

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Art Exams - Day 2/3/4

Bored does not describe how I have felt this week. It's been grim! I like to chat, I like to advise, I like to argue(!) Nada....nothing because of the Art Exams! These are 2 x3 hour sessions of no noise, apart from furious brush strokes, the occasional groan (usually me!) and maybe a manic giggle or two (not me!)So, I can not wait for Friday, when once again we can have NOISE.
Here we go then...Tues 1st April - morning
AS 'B' group deep in concentration
Megan 1 (yes, we have a Megan 2)also deep in concentration!
Wednesday 2nd April.
AS 'C' group. The pull out boards got used alot in this session!!
And in the afternoon session.....
Which leads us on to Thursday 3rd April

A2 art student, Shona, and a big cat head....enough said!!
The afternoon session had a fair few more students than the morning one.....that could be because students like to have a lie-in (hhhmmm, cynical - me?!)

Now it is the turn of the 2nd years to concentrate....Elisha doing a very fine job of that! And Georgina 'G' preparing to do that too (but also looking like she might need a nap soon!)


None of this would have been possible without the constant sugar rush from these;

And also the co-operation of the BTEC groups, who also managed to work in silence....Megan....very well done!
I have been continuously impressed with the standard of work across the groups. I have had proper WOW moments. Well done everyone for working so hard to achieve this very high standard. Remember this is your first session, so AS students, you have another 5 hours and A2 students, you have another 9 hours to go! Happy days is what I say! Happy days!! 

The week that was the Art Exams

Gosh! What a week this has been. The Creative Arts Department has had the first week of Exams. To kick of all the fun, we thought a trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park for the Art Students & a visit to Bradford  to the National Media Museum for the Photography Students would inspire all to, this a diary of sorts! This is a week in Art.......
Monday 31st......YSP (Fine Art)
I would have loved to have seen this at night, it was huge!
This was so cool (is it now un-cool to say cool?!)
Julian Opie Galloping Horse 2012.
You can not go to the Sculpture Park with out saying hello to these Ladies! Sophie Ryder - Lady-Hare - 1999.
Taz working hard, as per usual. You can just see the pink flowers in the window, well the whole greenhouse was full of these gorgeous blooms. Looked amazing.
Now would be a good time to mention that all the YSP images are courtesy of Letitia. All mine disappeared into cyper space when the laptop I was using crashed. So, Miss Thompson - thank you!
Bruce became the model of choice through out the day. He could pose like a pro! Here he  is doing 'Jazz Hands' on the top photo & admiring the female physique on the 2nd photo.
Hans Josephsohn sculptures & Bruce McDermont-Knight.....has a nice ring to it don't you think?!

Ursula Von Rydingsvard
Unfortunately the artists exhibition does not start til the 5th April, so we were a tad too early, but we did get to see some of her work being set up. This exhibition is on til July. I highly recommend you go for a visit before Rydingsvard moves on.

'A' level Art students looking very glam for a stroll around a park! Georgina 'G', Ellie, Leah & Elisha at the end of a 5 mile hike up a hill in heels! I bow down to you ladies! 1 over.....more to follow soon