Wednesday, 27 November 2013

It's a rare sight.....

Have you ever seen such a tidy room in the Art Department........

I reckon the BTEC room needed documenting before chaos once again resumed!

Even the AS/A2 room had a good going over (I'm slightly obsessed with making sure the chairs are all pushed in!)
Phew!! Balance restored......xx

Monday, 25 November 2013

Visit to Manchester Art Gallery and the School of Art

We start at Manchester Art Gallery. What an amazing building.

A photo of this painting just wouldn't do it justice. Go and see it.

Brilliant piece by Jeremy Deller in his curent exhibition All That Is Solid Melts Into Air at Manchester Art Gallery.
Its described as 
"a personal look at the impact of the Industrial Revolution on British popular culture, and its persisting influence on our lives today". I say its a fascinating collection of objects, photos and paintings that inspired, shocked and generally shook me up. I was touched by how 'real' so many artifacts felt- how some old photos had such an impact on me today.
And we think we've got it hard..

Take notes people..

Im afraid thats not true

Portraits. Even the most of simple of images have so much impact when you put a few hundred years behind them

Beautiful film about Adrian Street, a miners son who became a professional wrestler. The interview really showed how difficult it was for him to follow his own career path as he was expected to follow in his Fathers footsteps.

Debs swotting up on Grayson Perry's exhibition The Vanity of Small Differences

Detail from one of Grayson Perry's works that I thought described our students very nicely

We loved this work

Mangled panorama that didn't really work!

It was cold

Look Sophie- proof that it's sunny in Manchester! (sometimes)

One for Debs..

I aways wondered how they changed the names and now I know

 Inspired by Billy Wilder’s classic film noir of the same name,Double Indemnity at Cornerhouse explores questions of desire, possession and complicity through new and recent work by a selection of high profile artists, including Sophie Calle, Jenny Holzer, Ming Wong, Anicka Yi and Frances Stark
Sophie Calle got a private detective to follow her but he didn't know she knew

Billboard by Ming Wong

Detail of Billboard

Nearly all the students came to meet us at the right time..!

Never missing a shot..

Photography VS Graphics- whose going where? Graphics were shown the Special Collection of Artists Books at Manchester University. Look out for a post from Debs as they were basically gorgeous works of art.

Those revolving doors can be tricky..

This is were they keep the naughty artists

This was said in 1936. Do you think he was right?

At first I thought this was another installation but it is, in fact, just a ladder.

Inside Manchester School of Art- how would you feel about working in this open plan way?

I think these are looms? Either way you an find out if you go here-  all equipment is available to any student regardless of discipline. Great for collaborating and expanding your working practice

Thats me getting a taste of my own medicine before our talk

Hannah and Rebecca are friends

And Emma is.. Emma

Thank you for our talk- it was interesting and informative and made me want to go back to uni!
I have some spare prospectus in my office if anyone wants one..

Another panorama of inside the main building where fashion, media, photography, graphic design. fine art and all the rest collide in one big creative space

All the doors are named but some rules are made to be broken

Thank you so much for our tour and insightful talk. Staff and students alike were impressed


Look at this amazing studio space! Moving walls, moving lights, flash lighting, daylight studio, product table- I could go on but Im weeping with jealousy! Seriously though there is nothing here we couldn't have a go at recreating

Its not the size of your reflectors that count, its what you do with them

Peeking Hannah

You can process your own black and white and colour negatives

Thanks to the lovely 3rd years who answered our questions

All done- thanks again, really interesting and of great benefit- anyone applying then?

I could do with one of these sometimes..

This is not a department store, this is a busy book binding studio

Obligatory thumbs up shot

And back on the bus after a fun day out

I added together two photos of Manchester School of Art using the PhotoMerge application in Photoshop.

And this document gives you an idea of the different options available in the photomerge program and what they do.