Friday, 6 February 2015

It's A BTEC Half Term Challenge!


Hello Year One BTECers!

As part of your Unit 2 experimentations I am setting you a little challenge as part of your Half Term Holiday Homework!

Simply using scraps of paper, a needle and some strong thread I would like you to create five small sculptural pieces.

When you have made them, place them on a piece of white paper and photograph them from unusual angles.

Try and photograph them in natural daylight if possible.

For these photographs I have used my iPhone and a filter.

I have also boosted the contrast a little.

I would like you to use the colour laser printer to print them A5 size please.

Have fun!


  1. Can i join in too for my 1/2 term project?
    such fun to be had i think!!
    ash x

    1. Tee! Hee! Course you can!
      Hope my students enjoy it too!