Friday, 31 January 2014

Creator Club!


We are very lucky to have a group of artistic Secondary School students who come along to our Creator Club.

This week it was my turn to show them the joys of machine embroidery.

But...first things first...the refreshments had to be sorted out before our VIPs arrived.

Oh! No!

A biscuit related accident!

After chatting about my stitchings they were off!

I was amazed how quickly our students worked and just how high the standard of the work was.




Time for tiffin!

Just look at those little fingers!


Michael's frog!

Sam's happy dance!

Whirring machines...not long left now!


It's thirsty work!

Not many biccies left now!


Creative mess.


An iguana!

Stunning continuous line stitching.

Look at this use of colour and texture!

What a beautiful sea gull...

Look at this patchwork combo!

Can you see the cheeky octopus?

We had such a good time and everyone worked so hard.

Well done chucks!


Monday, 20 January 2014

3cm Project

I got a 3cm ruler in my cracker when we had our technicians Christmas lunch. Its quite a random length for a ruler so Michael and I dedcided I would take pictures of things thta are 3cm. The 3cm project hasd begun..!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Good Luck to everyone in mock exams!

We know its stressful and no fun but at least when you are sitting your mock exams in the gym you are part of a living work of art! Im sure that makes you feel much better..

Creator Club (Week 1 - Photograms)

This was the first week for the Creator Club and we kicked off in style by doing Photograms. Nath did a little powerpoint presentation and then off to the Darkrooms we went! These are the first lot of photograms to come out.......impressed we was!
Within the hour the very creative students were knocking them out faster than what we could dry them! (This is just a small sample of what they were doing)
They are a very shy bunch.....hopefully by week 5 they won't mind us blogging about them, faces and all! We had a good time, maybe next week I will remember to take photos! The 2 hour session flew by and the 4 photos above where taken when I remembered towards the end!

BTEC/AS Museum Exhibition 2014

Some of 2nd year BTEC students helped put up the exhibition at the museum this week.....this is normally a massive job which takes me and Martin ages and ages (and we usually end up not talking by the end of it!!) BUT this time, we sailed through it!

This is the reason why! Megan worked her socks off and really got into it. The exhibition has to be put up with the wire and alan key thingys which are very hard going.

Some worked alot harder than others....cough, cough.....

I did all the easy stuff & left Martin to balance on a wonky chair (H&S & Martin go soooo well together!)