Monday, 16 December 2013

A2/BTEC 2 Trip to London

Outside St Paul's Cathedral......the ONLY Christmas tree I spotted on the whole visit! Gutted! This was not the reason for the trip, by the way! The Fine Art second years needed a day out to go and look at some Art, hopefully giving them all some inspiration....!

Bruce & Martin on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral.....Bruce looks really happy, Martin looks a bit scared!! I just needed a brew at this point.

                                           Zarina Hashmi - Letters from Home 2004
Woodblock & metalcut prints on paper. These are based on letters written by the Artist's sister who lives in Pakistan. Lines of handwritten prose in Urdu are overlaid and obscured with maps & blueprints of distant homes and places. The letter marks significant moments and some of the prints bear impressions of places relevant to their estranged lives.

Vogue Collage - Chicago
Photograph, gelatin silver print mounted on aluminium.
On the balcony overlooking the Thames. I very nearly dropped my phone on a crowd of tourists below me! Not my best move, but I kind of like the blurry image.
Inside the Tate Modern, Turbine Room. One of the massive windows,  I've always wondered who cleans them!! Its an age thing!

....the outside!
Bless them Btec 2nd years - they had to listen to Martin harp on about the merits of combing the Thames riverbanks for hidden treasure! Martin did find alot of bones and pipe bits maybe a trip to the Thames is next on the agenda.....Gosh! Could you imagine the risk assessment for that one!!!
Finally....Kings Cross Station at home time!
Cheers guys for making the day fun, fun, fun!!


My art students have worked so hard this term so it was definitely time to PARTAY!

Look, Hannah even baked shortbread!

You just have to have a cheesy sausagey hedgehog on such occasions!

Hungry students!

My lovely second years.

Yes, this is what they're really like!

Now the first years have crashed the party!

(No, of course you're invited me dears!)

So have a very Merry Christmas and Happy BTEC New Year!

I'm very proud of you all.

(Right, get back to work you lot! Bah! Humbug!)


Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Open Event/Christmas Fair at JLC.......

JLC held its first Christmas Fair on Saturday 30th November. We also had an Open Event where prospective students and families could pop in for a chat about the courses available. These first few photos are the Creative Arts Dept in all its glory!

Some of the Art Foundation work......

A bit of Graphics (thanks Alex & Pui-Si for setting this up!).....with a tiny bit of Photography tucked in there!!
A bit more Photography and also a bit more Art Foundation.......
A big thank you to the students who gave up their Saturday to come in and talk the Hannah Montana, Alex, Poppy & Mr where great! Thanks guys.....xx

Couldn't resist Michael in his Santa hat.....(also talking the talk by the looks of it!) P.S...Just noticed his converse match his hat....wonder if that was planned?!!

Hannah Montanas very new tattoo....ouch!!

The End......xx
We had a very busy day and really didn't have time to go and photograph the Christmas Fair....shame really as it was really good....but really cold! And they had real life Reindeer!
Michael also gave a talk promoting the Creative Arts Dept, which was really, really good. Hopefully he will stick his little film on here for us all to watch!

Friday, 6 December 2013


'Coastal Series' is the exhibition now showing at The Steel Rooms, Brigg.



This is a solo show by my good friend Pat, whose mixed media paintings are about Canada, her second home.

I was asked if I could help hang the exhibition, so on a chilly Sunday morning, Pat, Noel, Linda, Bob and myself grabbed armfuls of canvases, hammers and nails...

There were a lot of paintings!

At first it was rather daunting but once the large pieces were hung the rest seemed to fall into place surprisingly easily.

The Steel Rooms is such a lovely space.

The work explores the land scape in representational, semi abstract and abstract approaches.

Deep in artistic contemplations...

Linda in action!

Go girl!

More action shots!

Beautiful colours.




It is an incredible body of work.

Pat studied Fine Art with us at John Leggott College and it just goes to show what sheer hard work and dedication can lead to.

Congratulations Pat, you deserve every success.

The exhibition 'Coastal Series' runs from 2nd December 2013 until the end of January 2014.