Monday, 23 June 2014

The Social Event Of The Year!

Last Thursday was the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design End Of Year Exhibition at the brand new 3irty 2wo Gallery Scunthorpe.
This brilliant exhibition space was master minded by the irrepressible Michael Burkitt, who liaised with North Lincolnshire Council and Art In Unusual Spaces.

Adrianne at the ready!
Karolina and me striking a pose!
Deep in art- related discussion (honest!)
Jessica Charley.
'Alpha Romeo Car Seat'.
3D Design
Coventry University.
Kerrie Corfield
Fine Art
University of Lincoln.
Vicki Wray (of sunshine).
'Sluts and Hoes'.
Fine Art
University of Bolton.
Tom Askew.
'Kvelertak promotion material'.
Graphic Design
Nottingham Trent.
Charley, looking very lady like.
Strike a pose Jack, Hollie and Tom!
Jack Trought.
'World Cup 2018 Promotion'.
Amy Smith.
'I Wish I Could Tell You That...'
Fine Art.
Hollie Marshall.
'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes'.
Fine Art
Kingston University.
Adrianne Drury.
Laura Chafer.
'Identity Box'.
Fine Art
Liverpool John Moores.
Charley Robinson
'The Youth Diaries.'
Manchester Metropolitan.
Laura Camplejohn.
Fine Art
York St. John's University.
Karolina Koston.
University of Sunderland.

Jasmine Bolton.
' A Man Named Jack; Abandoned. Cherish. Discover.'
Coventry University.
Adrian Slee.
Fine Art
Wimbledon College of Art.
Anna Terros- Martin.
'Every Contact Leaves A Trace'.
Graphic Design
Sheffield Hallam.
Olivia Valentine.
'The Grand Literacy Gala'.
Graphic Design
University of Leeds.
Lauren Turner.
Nottingham Trent.
A romantic moment...aaaawwww!
The beautiful Sophie and Sharon.
Da boys!

Da girls!
It was buzzing!
Speech! Speech!
Thanks Molly for the beautiful ch-oons.

Me and Vicky Wray- of-sunshine.
And like all the best parties, it spilled out onto the streets.
I used to teach Hayley...hello chuck!
We start em young at John Leggott, here Naïf is telling Edward all about the principles of composition design.

Hannah, the photo bomber extraordinaire!
Things started to get a bit rock and roll at this point....
Nick, have you pinched my wig perchance?
Just to day a huge WELL DONE to all the very talented students.
Farewell, enjoy the big, wide world and don't forget us!