Friday, 28 February 2014

The Creator Club Exhibition (and the longest blog post to date!)


I apologise now.....this is going to be a very long post, with alot of photographs, BUT, not much writing! So, all is not bad!

After a very successful 5 weeks of playing  working hard, the Creator Club finished with a bang! We had an Exhibition in the Arc at JLC which gave the students the opportunity to invite family, friends and school teachers to celebrate their achievements. And celebrate we did!

This was early on.....the place got busier as the evening progressed. But, fortunately for you lot, I had put away my camera!!
Here are more snaps of the night......

Fantastic! The hand made books all finished and looking brilliant.

I've just grouped all these together - hopefully they give you an idea of the different techniques, styles and materials used over the 5 weeks. We asked the students to send us some feedback from the taster sessions and they all agreed the could not pick a favourite!

Michael was pushed in front of the microphone so he could chat to Sam from Legacy radio (JLC has its own radio station!!)
The Creator Club were the next lot to talk with Sam. I was hovering in the background listening to them and thinking, gosh, they are all sounding so professional, when Jody (sorry lass) did a 'straw squirt' So, all of them looking very professional and this...........
Just after this the Scunthorpe Telegraph popped in and took photos too. We then decided to do a few group shots also.
The Creator Club: Karolina, Lottie, Sarah, Kieran, Jody & Abby.
And now with most of the tutors involved in the club, with the exception of our Soph & Bruce. But, I managed to catch up with Bruce a bit later on in the evening...prepare yourself for the 'Bruce Pose'.............. were warned!
Finally, we come to the end. We had an amazing evening and really enjoyed the whole experience. One of the highlights of the evening was the students removing their work to take with them. Walls which were full of work becoming bare.....pegs left behind.....and one Jody!
The Creative Arts team are looking forward to seeing you all in September. Best of luck with your exams guys!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The big trip to Hull.......

The exam papers have been handed out and after careful consideration it was decided that we needed to take all AS groups and some BTEC groups for a day out in Hull. More specifically, The Deep!

When Mr Shark heard that 90 JLC students were running around The Deep.....he tried to hide!! (or he could have actually been dead! I was not too sure when I snapped this pic!) I must also apologise for the quality of the pictures, all were taken on my very outdated i-phone.
This our Soph.....I took this because I loved the floor! Sophie's shadow just so happened to be in shot and I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Don't you just love a 'happy mistakes!'.
After The Deep, Sophie took her BTEC photo students to a Gallery called KAG. Above and below are some bits of graffiti I spotted, and quite liked, on route......


Hannah managed to persuade the guys to open the Gallery for the students. And, not only did they stick the heater on for us, they also did a printing workshop. Rather nice of them me thinks!
You all may think the Art rooms look a wee bit un-tidy, but the artist studios at Kag Gallery looked like this.....
Seriously......the place was a mess. Martin loved it! A good day was had by all and everyone returned safely.....we was a bit worried that the bridge would have to close due to it being a very, very windy day!
P.S......Mr Shark is alive - I checked! 


Thursday, 6 February 2014

The first Creator Club is over!

We had 2 sessions of the club this week as most of these guys are away on school trips next week. Our first session was the Graphics side of all things creative and Debs was in her element explaining the joys of photoshop. All sorts of terms were flying across the mac suite which I instantly forgot! 

Scanning in all the work they have done over these past few, cropping, layering, adding text & changing colour is all but a few things they were all studiously learning about. Michael was on hand to help Debs, whilst Letitia and myself realised we are not the pros we thought we were and actually cropping an image is not really that difficult!!! (We thought because we knew how to do that we were pros!) So, rather than stand around making out we knew everything, we messed around!Tut! Here are the results.....

Ummmm........Letitia playing at being 'lost in space'.
Me....doing some sort of magic trick, but I was trying to be 'lost in space' too!!

        ......selfies are actually very hard to pull off!

And finally......we had our Soph showing them how to make books. Due to the Unit 1/Unit 3 deadline I missed the beginning of the tutorial
where Sophie was showing them examples of her gorgeous work and then giving them a quick lesson on how to construct a little flip book and then they were off doing bits on photoshop before printing out and coming back with these! Phew! As always with Creator Club, we ran out of time, so these books need a little tweaking but I am sure you agree, they look amazing.....






Front Covers

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Nath, Martin, Bruce, Letitia, Debs & Sophie for taking the time out from their very, very busy schedules to come and teach. To Hannah for helping us set everything up AND a massive thank you to Michael who without his constant enthusiam and knowledge on all things creative this club would have been very different. Cheers guys....we are a great team!
 And finally, the students who turned up every week, you have been a absolute pleasure to hang out with! We really hope you have come away from JLC with a better understanding of how the department runs, but more importantly, some new skills to take back to school with you and use in your studies there!  
THE END - (for now!)